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There are times when we can be watching a film and get lost in the feelings and emotions that it provokes - sometimes imagining what it may feel like to be a main character and how we would appear on screen with Hollywood's best. I think the thought comes to most of us here and there, and the reality is, our lives have such beautiful stories waiting to unfold, and just like in the movies, there are highs and lows, conflict and resolution, and moments of pure un-describable amazement.  

Your wedding day is the happy ending of one story and the delightful beginning of another. It signifies such a meaningful commitment between two people and quite possibly could one of the most spectacular moments of your life - a day which is worth remembering for the decades to come!

My name is Jordan McGrath, and capturing these precious days happens to be my passion. The goal I have is to document the love on your wedding day in a cinematic, exciting, and beautiful way! To make the thought of being in your own movie become a reality that you can watch over and over again for many years to come!

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01.  Coffee is my lifeline

02. I live for the mountains & will be found dreaming up my next adventure


03. I'm probably the dorkiest person you'll ever meet

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I work with my incredibly talented wife Megan! She's the photographer and I'm the videographer, and together we capture weddings as our full time professional business! 

I've had so much fun since I've joined her in this field and now we offer incredibly unique and value packed wedding packages as a husband and wife duo! 

The advantages of being a team in the industry with our own unique skills and strengths has been an incredible journey for us, and we are so excited to be able to capture you on your amazing day!



BECOME the main character in your OWN MOVIE

Okanagan wedding
Okanagan wedding
Okanagan wedding




The highlight film is the pinnacle of content when it comes to your wedding. It's a 5-7 minute high res video that you send your friends and family to show case what your day was like! It's fun, it's not dragged out, it's a short movie that you become the main character in. & it will probably make you laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again each time you watch it.

Sometimes having a full recording of your ceremony is a great idea for those who can't make it to your wedding and as a keepsake memory of every part of your dedication to each other. I also offer full length videos for speeches, dances, and any other special event that may happen through out your wedding that you may want to fully remember!

There are tons of different methods for capturing audio depending on what you want captured! One of my favorite things to capture is your vows and using them to help tell your love story and tie your wedding video together! I also capture audio for the ceremony and reception.


No matter the package you go with, I include two 30-60 second short videos of you two on your day for social media, one is cropped horizontally and one vertically. We also capture lots of behind the scenes on our phones for our own social media which we always send to you as well!


Both Megan and I use top of the line gear with backup gear ,just in case, plus tons of extra batteries, SD cards, and all the fixings! Our gear is completely capable in all lighting scenarios as we use Sony cameras which have some of the best low light performance out of any cameras out there! They are also one of the fastest and accurately focusing cameras on the market, so we never have to worry about missing any big moments!


It always drives me crazy when I hear of couples not receiving there wedding video/photos for almost a year, so we make it a priority to not get overly back-logged so we can deliver your wedding within our 2 month delivery window! But, when it isn't our busy season we can end up delivering our galleries within 2-3 weeks!